A Roast to Savour


A BBQ is now a popular choice of food for Weddings & Parties, the sights and smells of food cooking on a bbq inspire your tastebuds, eating food cooked outside is a pastime we all enjoy. There’s something magical in the smoky air that excite’s us into a happy atmosphere, one where we’re happy to share and get together.

Traditional barbecue’s have been cooked with gas over an open grill coooking burgers, sausages and chicken legs, but now there’s a wave of enthusiasm for charcoal bbq’s, with that delicious smokey bbq flavour.  We’re more creative now, bbqing has moved on, BBQ’s can be slow cooked Pulled pork cooked for 10-12 hours, or Roast pork served with crispy crackling like a Hog Roast but without all the mess and bones. Charcoal bbq’s now give the option to cook as you would with an oven, so any roast is possible, and with vented BBQs you can control the temperature with ease, so you can cook low and slow or with heat to sear for steaks. It’s the oven outside!

But if your going to BBQ with Pork what cut should you use, because they are a number of cuts suited to different ways of cooking?

Here’s a brief synopsis of the 3 top cuts.

Leg of Pork: Leg of pork is a large cut of meat so needs to be cooked for a long time. Cooking a 3 kilo leg of Pork in a bbq will take approximately 3.5 hours to cook, but you will have amazing crackling and tender meat. Try to cook to fast and the meat will be tight and tough. Resting is important after cooking after a 3.5 hour cook you should always allow at least a 30 mins resting period.

Shoulder of Pork: Shoulder of Pork is your classic Pulled Pork meat, perfect for cooking low and slow typically over 7 hours, the meat  will fall apart to the touch. Good planning will ensure great results, this is certainly not and an impromptu meal!

Loin Of Pork: The Loin of Pork is and ideal Roast meat to BBQ as it’s size and tenderness are a perfect combination to cook in the bbq. Cooking time should be about 2-2.5 hours plus resting time. Loin of Pork slices perfectly and gives a tasty portion of perfect roast pork.

Bizzibeans uses predominantly Loin of Pork for our outdoor catering, Weddings and Parties. Loin of Pork cooks in a reasonable period of time, has an amazing taste and gives fantastic crackling, but we also roast leg of lamb which has an equally fantastic taste and is incredibly tender!